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What I am Reading

I’d started this blog a couple of years ago as a way to shine a spotlight on the women making a difference in Chicago’s Product scene. It was a passion project and advocating for and illuminating the work of women continue to be of great interest and inspiration to me. When possible, I will continue to speak with inspiring and influential women who are making a difference and bring their stories to these pages. But equally of interest to me is the work women do in countless other fields, their challenges and achievements. So, I’m delighted, especially on Women’s History Month, to have curated a short list of articles below.

There are so many informative and entertaining pieces that educate and enlighten us about the work of women, what we can do to advance our careers and advocate for ourselves, and overcome our challenges. Every month I hope to bring you a list of curated articles drawn from various sources that not only deepen our understanding of ourselves and our world but also serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement.

Here is a round-up of this month’s recommended articles:

  1. A profile of outstanding investigative reporter, Jane Mayer, who is “not done” on reporting about allegations about Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh. She is an award-winning journalist with numerous prestigious prizes to her credit.

  2. These women, running for the Democratic nomination are not afraid of putting motherhood front and center. Finally, they are owning this fact – that motherhood and achievement aren’t mutually exclusive – and using being a mother like the asset that it is.

  3. A humorous take on navigating the corporate world where, you know, insecure men are easily intimidated by confident women. Some important points to ponder and stash away in your back pocket when you get back to work. Forewarned, as they, is forearmed.

  4. Rumination is ruinous! It leads to anxiety and depression that in turn causes our productivity and problem solving skills to suffer. Women tend to ruminate more than men, as Sally Helgeson also observed in her book How Women Rise. Read about the strategies you can use to stop excessive rumination and get out of your own way. Read here

  5. A very interesting take (read calling out) on those who make the call to “step off the aspirational treadmill” but really are swinging for their own fences themselves while advocating the “good enough” life.

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